Our Story

We met in Fall 2012.

We were both done with school, working, and living in the same apartment complex. Our first date was in December but somebody wasn’t “interested,” so we were just good friends didn’t really start dating exclusively until October 2013. We were engaged in May 2014 and got married September 6, 2014.

Since we got married, we’ve been to Paris, Russia, New York, San Diego, Hawaii, Disneyland and Disney World — with lots more domestic and international stops on our bucket list!

Then, for our first anniversary, we ourselves bought a house. And I am falling more and more in love with our house every day. Part of the reason for that (I’m sure) is that we bought our house, we’ve painted nearly every wall, dug up the garden completely, and done about 84 other projects.

Most days though, we are your pretty typical millennial couple. We both work full-time, but on weekends, evenings and vacations we like to eat good food, travel (when we can get the time off), watch Netflix and REACT channel videos (when we can’t get time off), read, waste time on the internet, and blog.

We love our life and love each other.