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Let’s Go Lundbergs is a travel blog focusing on exploring the world in short bursts of travel rather than year-long backpacking treks. It features personal stories, unique experiences, decent photography (most of it’s pretty good), and lighthearted humor. More on the blog and the team behind the blog here.

My faithful, fun-loving audience consists mostly of part-time and budget travelers – people with full-time jobs and a lack of available vacation time that are set on seeing the world. The majority of their travel is taken over long weekends, 4-5 day trips, with most topping out at a week (to nine days).



I am interested in working with all types of travel companies that would be of interest to my incredible audience. Want me to climb your mountain? Take your cruise? Attend your event? Tour your museum? Test out your new luggage? I’d love to! Contact me for any of the following partnership/sponsorship opportunities:

ACTIVITY REVIEWS // tours, day trips, attractions, events, festivals, transportation
ACCOMMODATION REVIEWS // Let me sleep in your bed and relay my experience to my audience.
PRESS TRIPS // Help me show part-time travelers how to get the most out of your city/country.

This list is obviously not all-inclusive and I’m open to discussing anything you have in mind.


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Need something outside the realm of sponsorships or reviews? I’m up for it! Contact me regarding any of the following:

FREELANCE WRITING // Aside from blogging I am also a freelance travel writer and a beekeeper. That last one’s irrelevant.
GUEST BLOGGING // I’d love to provide content for your blog for a change.
CONTENT CREATION // Need pretty pictures or funny words? I’ve got you covered.


When working with Let’s Go Lundbergs you will get:

  • Lightning fast communication
  • Full coverage on all major social media platforms
  • Personalized and original photography
  • Professional writing in my unique voice
  • Permanent links
  • Virtual hugs


My rates are fair yet flexible. Let’s work something out.


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