Episode 4 – Oahu, Hawaii!

Today we’re ignoring the fact that it basically became Fall overnight and pretending that we’re going to Hawaii! The land of Haley’s ancestors (… okay, her mom was born there). Tune in for our tips on eating, where to stay, the best beaches, how to do Hawaii on a budget, and an interview with a former North Shore resident!

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Helpful links

Pearl Harbor tickets — this is the official, Recreation.gov webpage for booking your tickets. DON’T GET SCAMMED by going through a travel company.

Polynesian Cultural Center

Directions to the Honolulu Swap Meet


Ted’s Bakery

Haleiwa (for food trucks)

Seven Brothers 

Kahuku Farms Cafe

Also, check out one of my earlier posts on how to spend five days in Hawaii.

Bonus Photo

Behold: the majesty of Ninja masks

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