Best Things I Ate in Paris

When we went to Paris back in March, I felt SO MUCH PRESSURE to find us all the best food. Luckily, I did have like five months to plan this trip, so here are some of the places we ate and LOVED. We aimed for more of the traditional and classic French dining because, well, we were in France!

**Note: Crepes are not included on this list, but that goes without saying. Just eat any and all crepes at any and all crepe stands. Savory, sweet, all of the above.

Ile Flottante at Bistrot Paul Bert – I still have dreams about the Ile Flottante here. Google it. Or better yet, just go here and eat it yourself. I legitimately didn’t know what I was getting when I ordered it (the menu was all in French, duh) and I was NOT disappointed.

Bread at Le Fumoir – AWESOME darling library decor right by The Louvre, with literally the best French bread I had in Paris. I told Mike I wanted to go back just so I could eat the bread again. Everything else was just disappointing.

Everything at Le Coupe Chou – Wonderfully quaint French restaurant in the Latin Quarter. Space is tight, but it’s literally an old barber’s shop and has a fireplace, exposed brick and timbers, it’s just incredible. And the menu had all the French staples like duck, boeuf bourguignon, foie gras and creme brulee.

Asparagus soup at Auguste I knew I wanted us to eat at a Michelin-starred restaurant while we were in Paris and this was an EXCELLENT choice. It also didn’t blow our whole budget since we went for lunch. It’s literally across the street from the Rodin museum and gardens, which was a great place for us to walk off the three-course lunch we had. This might sound crazy, but this soup-in-a-fishbowl-dish was insanely good. Mike and I both got it and I’m glad we didn’t have to share. It was foamy and light and crazy and unlikely anything I’ve ever tasted.

Hot chocolate and (BUTTER) at Angelina’s – C’mon… just look at that thick rich goodness. We went to Angelina’s for a late breakfast at Versailles and it was beyond incredible. First of all, we must have just timed it right because we basically had the place to ourselves. Then, we each get our own mini pitcher of the thickest, meltiest, dark hot chocolate I’ve ever had. THEN comes the magical assortment of pastries and breads. UGHHHHH it was divine. Maybe the best part was the little tray of jams and butter that came with it. Seriously — how can BUTTER be that mind blowing??? But it was, guys. It really was.

Gelato at Amorino – There are several locations all over the city, but this place was right next to our AirBNB and had these magical rose-shaped gelato cones. Mike and I split a Salted Caramel and Chocolate done and as soon as I took one bite, I wished we’d each gotten our own! And apparently they have a location in L.A.??? YAAAAAAS.

Passionfruit Strawberry eclair at L’Eclair de Génie – When we first walked in, I was taken aback at just how GORGEOUS these eclairs were, and I was nervous they couldn’t nearly TASTE as good as they looked. But somehow they did. I’m pretty sure the passionfruit strawberry eclair came straight from heaven.

Breakfast pastries at any boulangerie – The first day of our trip, we each got a croissant for breakfast. By day 5 we each were ordering like 4 or 5 pastries, and I wish we’d started out doing that. Everything is UNBELIEVABLY good. The pain au chocolat and apple tarts are something I crave like every day now.

Macarons at Ladurée

I’m not even mad that this cliché was seriously one of the best things I ate. We tried macarons a couple other places and none of them lived up to this little lady. Just go here. You’ll be happier.


If none of these options strike your fancy, I’d recommend They constantly update their reviews and recommendations, and you’re sure to find something wonderful recommended there, in any culinary style.

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